TV and TS

If you are new to the TV/TS escorting world, you may not be familiar with these terms. I am a "TV", short for transvestite. Or crossdresser (CD), although I prefer to call myself a TV. This means that I am flat chested and not on hormones, as opposed to a "TS" or transsexual who is physically transitioning toward the female gender. Some gentlemen may prefer TS escorts, some prefer TV, many love both, different strokes for different folks! But I embrace who and what I am. I may not have breasts, but not being on hormones allows me to be very functional. :-)

And while I may spend some of my personal time in a more androgynous boyish mode, I am naturally a very feminine person and I spend a lot of my time as a passable girl. Unless you request otherwise, I will always be fully dolled up as a girl when we meet, just like in my pictures!